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Celebrating Willie: A Journey of Hard Work and Resilience

Meet Ioane Tyrell, aka Willie, an exemplary individual with deep ancestral ties to Faleasiu, Sataua, and Laulii in Samoa, and a proud alumnus of Hamilton Boys’ High School. Willie’s remarkable journey through our Puatala Impact Program is a story we …


Incomparable Program

As the new school term gains momentum, we’re thrilled to share our journey into week 2, with our incomparable program rolling out across the region. Our mission? To transform educational experiences and foster profound personal growth. 🌱 Focus on Growth …

Latu Unga

Celebrating Success: Latu Unga’s Journey in Puatala

We are thrilled to spotlight the remarkable journey of Latu Unga, who has achieved a significant 12-month milestone in his career with our friends down at Downer. A former student of Otahuhu College, Latu joined the Puatala programme “Impact” at …


Celebrating Sam Nonoa: The Unsung Hero of Our Transformative Journey at Puatala

In the world of startups, rallying people around a nascent idea—especially one that is more of a thought process than a concrete concept—presents a monumental challenge. This was precisely the scenario in 2019 when Alignz Training began its journey from …